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Monday, December 7, 2009

Brave the Crave ... Hardly!

So, Walls is Streets and Sure is Rexona. Having called both Australia and London home, I knew I could stick with tradition ...  just be sure to position my finger over the name change. But, why is it we crave what is simply not attainable (well without a hefty imported price anyway)?

When living in London I would salivate over the mere thought of a Cherry Ripe, a Pizza Shape, a Burger Man (or any sort of Man...). I would hum the Vegemite theme song. Even the Aeroplane Jelly one, despite giving up the bright, wobbly stuff in primary school. 

But now I've been back in the motherland for two whole months and I'm ashamed to say I have not committed night-long binges on these Aussie food icons. Three years of cravings left to well ... not crave anymore.

The grass is always greener right? Instead, the thought of Ben and Jerry's, Minstrels and Fudge Bars play in my mind on repeat during my sugar-craving attacks. Hell, I'm even importing my Neal's Yard Remedies from Covent Garden now... Jurlique what?


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