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Lived in London. Visited London. Travelled the World. Lived in Australia. Visited Australia. Even longed to live in either lands. Fell in love. Nursed a broken heart. Tried to make sense of your 20s. Or if you enjoy an entertaining read, then this content has your name all over it! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Festive Spirit has officially erupted within me!

There's a little sadist in me. Well a gentle version of a sadist. When I'm sad, I just want to dig that bit deeper and wallow in a darker version of it. When I'm heartbroken, Dashboard Confessional is my best friend. And when I long for London, out come the London-based films - especially the sort about heartbreak, you know, just for double whammy. Why the hell not.

First it was a bit of Bridget Jones, oh Colin you sexy, surly man you, and the beautiful, old London streets in winter time. Oh, and the empty Borough Market, void of the amazing brownies, olives and breads. And then it was Closer. Even though I never cared for the London Aquarium, I certainly did and still do, care for Jude Law. And now, with Christmas marching along my attention turns to Love Actually. This time last year in South London, I was sat on my couch, windows all foggy from the heater and mulled wine on the stove, singing along to All I Want for Christmas is You. Mmmm...

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