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Friday, December 25, 2009

Keep it Local or Flavour it Foreign? My Christmas forecast for 2010

So a friend-focussed Christmas in a foreign land, or a family-laden local affair with all the comfortable trimmings?

I spent Christmas 2007 under the Eiffel Tower with a bagette, brie and my best friend in bitingly-cold, yet beautiful, surrounds. Thirty minutes in and half a flute of icy Champagne later, we peddle our bikes back to our Latin Quarter apartment to thaw out in hot baths, drink red wine and curl up with DVDs while fielding festive calls from Oz.

The following year I was bursting with excitement as I strolled through the melted snow of a rare and eerily stunning, empty Times Square in NYC. After hours of being visually assaulted by fabulous, trashy neon, we made food babies out of pepperoni pizza and fell into a long slumber courtesy of jet lag (and a 36 hour Christmas, having flown LDN - NYC that morning!).

And come 2009, it's been all about prawns, a massive hot/cold roast feast, pavlova and my beautiful family in the air-con while the 30 degrees sun beats down over Australia. It's wonderful. It's familiar. It's delicious.


I can't help but be slightly torn on this one ... so next year I want to take my family somewhere foreign (but foreign to us in our own land) and have an intimate day at a seafood restaurant with bottles of Champagne and no washing up to do. My mum will think I'm an angel for planning this one. Perfect.


  1. Sounds like an awesome idea, the sort of gift that'll be remembered long after the food and drink have been devoured. All the best with planning that one! :)


  2. thanks shauncampbell! im thinking port douglas, but it may be a tad adventurous...perhaps tweed heads will do!