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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So...What about this Weather?

They say the English whinge about weather.  Perhaps that's rubbed off on me. I swear I used to be content. Adaptable. Or rather, just acceptable of what the skies would throw down upon us Down Under. 

OK, so we may be blessed with endless sunshine. But, I'm finding that it's precisely this endless sunshine that's waking me up early, reducing the need to wear foundation, forcing me to cram a water bottle into my handbag, and hell, I'm evening refusing to wear pajamas - cos it's that hot! 

Turn the tables... it's pitch black at 4pm in London, you can't exit the office without a coat, boots, scarf and gloves. But at least your foundation is still in tack. And you can walk from your bedroom to the bathroom without offending or exciting your housemates.

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