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Sunday, January 3, 2010

20-10... I Like the Sound of it Already

A shiny new year has begun, and after the reflective thoughts cast over 2009 - it's with delight and enthusiasm that I welcome 2010 (20-10, love how punchy and strong that sounds!) with open arms. Perhaps my first full year living wholly in Australia for many years - but if my clairvoyant is right (and let me tell you, she was horridly off-track re 'X'), I may be on a another plane sooner than later. Hmmm...

But, I'm happy to say that 3 months into living back in Oz, it's starting to feel normal again. Well relatively normal. The transition period is tough, and nothing can really prepare it for you. Back in London, friends, housemates, colleagues were all envious of my return back 'home'. Back to normalcy. Back to beautiful Australia. Back to where the heart is. And in theory, it sounds bloody easy. But, starting life again from scratch in a city you've called home for some 20+ years is not as smooth and easy as it sounds.

There's the:
- paper work and re-activating accounts and memberships.
- having to buy a car cos the transport system is dire, and let's face it, only to be used Monday to Friday for work.
- re-training your legs to not walk so fast and curse people who wander around without a direction.
- re-training your relationship to alcohol... there are no local pubs on each street corner, no pint culture 'just because', and luckily for me, an apparent lack of stress (so far) which means wine is not mandatory nightly.
- entering back into social circles and realising things have changed (engagements, babies, bbq's replacing nights out...), but understanding that things change because time has ticked by, and I wasn't here to witness the change.
- understanding that shop assistants who wear massive smiles, bubbly personalities, and ask "what are you doing today?!" are not prying into your life, instead, simply being friendly and up for some banter. The 'English' reserve nature had clearly rubbed off on me when I took offense to this overwhelming customer service enthusiasm ... now months in, I find it quite warming.

... oh this list grows daily, and I look forward to feeding this blog with more. It's these sorts of insights that I would have liked to prep myself for well before I boarded the one-way flight from Heathrow back home.

But, in perfect timing, a new year has arrived ... goals have been set and I have three weeks until I get to proudly be uber Australian on the 26th January for Australia Day...p rawns, Tooheys Extra Dry, BBQ, beach, mates, JJJ's hottest 100 in beautiful summer time.

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