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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 of my Favourite London Memories

When you get old, your memory is often the first to go.

When you stop living abroad and return home, your memory is razor sharp - possessing an ability to transport you back to that foreign land in seconds.

So, five of my favourite London memories:

1) Taking the bus (yes, red double decker - which become less a novelty when you live in London!) over Vauxhill Bridge and entering Westminster where the Houses of Parliament guard the Thames and Big Ben chimes on the hour. With Westminster Abbey to your left and Covent Garden to your right. I rode this route countless times from the Clapham office to Covent Garden for stories. And I never grew tired of the sights. Even after years, I still would take a moment to admire Big Ben each and every time I passed it.

2) Spending Saturday morning sampling the selection of meats, cheeses, sweets and breads on offer at the 250-year-old Borough Market. A foodie institution and tourist magnet, the Market is incredible for its variety, freshness and medley of aromas that dance the air. I always left with a chocolate brownie, walnut bread, and olives. Every single time.

3) Summer picnics at Clapham Common or Primrose Hill, depending on how adventurous we all felt on the day. Blanket, housemates, friends, hommus, bread stick, olives, rosé, Pimms, Bulmers, iPod dock, frisbee and suitable attire that bared our snow-white limbs. Ah, I love how the British embrace even the slightest glimpse of the sun. Something us Aussies take for granted. Ashamedly I suffered third-degree burns from the English sun during my first summer picnic in 2007. Seriously. How un-Australian is that!?

4) Taking a press tour of an empty Buckingham Palace (no tourists in sight, just 30 journos wandering Liz's). Being a citizen of a very young country, I find the history in Europe quite simply astounding. Walking through the royal's pad and breathing in the opulence, abundance and tradition is something that still sits fondly in my list of top experiences.

5) Wandering the old London streets, particularly East London, and picturing myself back in yesteryear. I would lose myself in thought of horses and carts and period attire of a life gone by. The cobble stones of that city would tell the most colourful of stories. If only they could talk.

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