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Monday, January 11, 2010

Hit the Heartbrakes somewhere else please

Patterns... detectives follow these to draw them closer to unleashing the truth, uncovering a ghastly crime or nab the bad guy (yes, I consumed about 5 episodes of Dexter yesterday. non stop. so my brain is switched onto detective/forensic mode right now). So when patterns of the heart are concerned, is it not rather uncanny and bloody frustrating that i've had to nurse my twice broken heart in a foreign land away from the perpetrator (read: ex)?

Case number 1: break up with long term bf after five years, linger on in a quasi-relationship/aka can't quit zone until I board the plane to England for my new life. Yes it was well and truly over a long time prior, but with no closure, so the heart is still alive somewhat, beating a slow rhythm but only for the beautiful history that was. So, BAM. Thousands of miles away and I've got to face it properly, stomach it's over, move the hell on. Be single again... a very foreign concept for me.

Years pass and I thoroughly enjoy single life in the city that makes being single very cool - London.

Case number 2: Develop magic, desire and intensity with some Brit boy who I'm now trying to forget. Leave the shores of England, and the impending drama unfolds and the book has to close. And alas, I'm again thousands of miles away from him now. The distance is equal measures good and bad in the trying to forget category, but not having contact to gain proper closure is frustrating.

So... now back in Brisbane - a city that makes being single very uncool. I've got to do something about this ;)

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