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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I may be cured of my H&A addiction!

Last week welcomed the long-awaited return of Home and Away (ok, I've probably lost 99.9% of readers already) to our Aussie screens. I myself was particularly amped about finding out the truth about Hugo, sussing out if Aiden really does dig Nicole (when he's not in Sydney nightclub bathrooms, allegedly) and the general goss of the Bay. But I've just come to realise that I have come to feel complacent about the Aussie soap... not unlike how one feels in a long-term relationship heading nowhere.

I've had an on-again-off-again relationship with Home and Away ever since Sally was pre-pubescent - circa 1990. This bond between H&A and I grew particularly strong when I was at Uni and again when I moved to London. Sky Plus and the Fiver Omnibus were my saving grace for a three hour H&A marathon every Saturday. Housemates (some forced others willing), cups of tea and Digestives joined the couches to rest off the mandatory hangover and teleport us directly to sunny, beautiful Palm Beach, Sydney.

The novelty of hearing Aussie accents for a few hours, cringe at some of Alf's flamin' lingo, and reminisce of sunnier climes was addictive, and gave me that little bit of Aussieness I needed to feel each week whilst living abroad.

Perhaps it's a cure for homesickness? I never copped a day of longing for Oz in England. Perhaps Irene's nasaly voice kept it at bay.

But now I'm left feeling like the love between me and H&A has died a little bit. Maybe it's over...

Now that I'm home, I pray I don't fall for some Brit-TV-trash like Hollyoaks.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I never watched Coronation Street when we lived in the UK and rolled my eyes when friends mourned the death of Vera. But, since living here (where Corrie is on 3 times a week) I am hooked! Definitely think it's a mini cure for homesickness, or in the case of Corrie, a reminder of why we left! If we ever leave NZ, I will have to track down copies of Shortland Street (which oddly has Nick Platt from Corrie playing one of the main characters.) Cheers

  2. haha oh that's great! i watched a bit of Corrie in my last months in England - have no idea if we get it here in Oz, we get the Bill I know that for sure! it's the little things like the accents and lingo that stand out SOOOO much when you live in a different country. sounds like you've been in NZ for some time now?

  3. Yep - two years now and we're loving it. It is hard sometimes, for all the reasons you'll understand having lived away from your family for a few years. But for the moment it feels like the right place to be. How are you feeling now? You happy you came back or think you'll live overseas again in the future?

  4. very true, i used to just wish i had my family and friends all over with me in london and the world would all be OK. i adored england, and would never rule out living there again. but for the moment, i feel i finally belong where i am for now ... took quite a few months to get to this stage.