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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm well curried out now

Curry rates pretty high as one of the staple foods of England. You can get it 24-7. Some people opt for a sloppy, brightly coloured curry slosh, wiped up with a soggy naan, at 3am after one of those horrid night bus trips from Camden to Clapham. However, as I was much more of a falafel-kebab-at-3am sort of girl, I only ate curry at some of the best places London dished out: Brick Lane and Tooting Bec. Cheap, cheerful curry is yours for a fiver. Bargain. And it's authentic.

You can haggle a 'meal deal' as such along Brick Lane, in East London, but don't ever believe the free wine they're throwing in is any good. But the curries... my goodness, are pure delight.

So after a few years of street curries to fine dining curries in London, I've now had my first 'Aussie curry' and am not entirely satisfied. I don't know if it's because it's the middle of summer and damn hot, thus curry is generally last choice. Or was it the massive bill we copped (easily could have forked out 30 quid for a table of three in Brick Lane). Or that the owner used the words "You're a legend" and "Have a good one" in one sentence on my departure.... Hmmm.

I'm going to need plenty of green tea to help digest this food baby. Think I'll stick with what Australia serves best in terms of foreign food - Thai. Now, we could teach London a lesson there.

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