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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweating up a Storm

Three weeks left of the Australian summer ... and my GOD the humidity! I'm sat here, inside, and sweating to the extent of someone half way through a triathlon. Today's post is short because I need to seek relief in a pool or a shopping centre.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I've got an over active mind. Actually, understatement. When charged, it's like an over active mind dosed up with speed - which, for the record, my purity cannot vouch if that's in fact an accurate comment.

But, at night, my mind spills dream after dream after dream, where sometimes I wake tired despite an eight hour slumber.

It dawned on me recently, that for the past couple of months I have not been dreaming. I blamed it on my naturopath. I even blamed it on the more chilled pace of life in Brisbane.

But the dreams are back in fine form this week. No crazy nightmares, just those dreams that are a flurry of conversations, friends, situations and non-stop chatter. And I think I know why... my over active mind is going to 'mind gym' each day at my new job, feeding my hungry brain with stimuli plus. And it's glorious. It's almost bedtime, which means, I get to play in dreamland once again.